What Is Your Fashion Style?

Fashion is something that changes constantly. Different types of styles have gone through numerous changes in the past in order to make people look better. However, with the developments in technology and the vast development in innovative thinking, the transformation in trends and styles has also changed.  Let us have a look at few fashion styles that has been accepted and which has added more glamour to ones look in order to make one feel confident and smart.

Vintage Styles

This style can be considered as the most in demand and classic fashion style which has come a long way from the past.  At present, the vintage clothing designs have mixed with modern ethnic designs in order to create new styles that suit the present trends and will have more demand in the current fashion industrial markets.

Casual Styles

Causal wear which is also known as leisurewear is being considered as a style that has been caught up with the current trend and has been the most soughed fashion style at present.   Rather than wearing something extraordinary that will make you feel uncomfortable, it is always better to wear something simple, occasional and spontaneous that will make you feel comfortable. Considering the comfort of a person therefore, the best choice that you can make is to opt for the casual sleek fashion which is a combination of elegance and comfort.

Sophisticated Styles

The sophisticated style is chosen by those who prefer to exhibit brands and elegance. They do not select a dress based on their comfort but ensures the dress that they wear depicts their standing in society.  Especially when it comes to ladies, they often look for styles that will enhance their looks, their appearance, and complements their beauty. The basic motive in most cases is to provide the idea that the owner of the dress is polished, cultured and well mannered. Particularly when it comes to businesswoman they always want to dress formal and refined. So Striped Silk Shirts Black and White, silk trousers, plain silk shirts or a casual black dress would be their go-to office wear. The motive is always to look the best in a crowd of women at any event.

Tomboy Styles

Tomboy style has become a huge trend at present. Throughout time it has been a fashion that was branded only for guys. But, with time it has expanded even in the world of women fashion. Tomboy style is mostly been preferred by a woman who wants to look more masculine and break the usual norm that is set for a woman when choosing an outfit. Most of their clothing will include huge extra-large t-shirts and shirts that will give them a boyish look and they prefer dark colors than wearing something light with laces, patterns and threadwork. They always want to look fashionable in their own way. Yet, at present, it has become accepted by all and a girl is not looked down upon for choosing to rock a tomboy attire.


The world of fashion is filled with different trends and styles that change every day. In this world of fashion, clothes play a vital role. We should always make sure that we adapt and adjust according to upcoming trends and styles and stand within the crowd rather than be pushed away. We should always try to find the proper style that will enhance our personalities. The clothes we select should make us feel confident but that does not mean we should wear clothes that make us uncomfortable. Always wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

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