Tips To Keep Your Body And Skin Looking Smooth, Young And Healthy Always

A youthful mind is something to treasure always. When you’re forever a child at heart, you never grow old! Here’s how you can keep your skin and body looking young, strong and healthy…so that your appearance matches your mind in your sunset years…

Stop That Stressing

Stress causes wrinkles and fine lines, and it also gives you a droopy look more suitable for a much older person. Try your best to avoid stressing yourself out. If this isn’t possible, make time every day for activities that reduce stress. Dancing and swimming are both popular stress-busters that not only de-stress you; but also provide you with a little exercise.

Hydrate; Well And Truly

Always keep a bottle of water with you so you’re constantly hydrating yourself. As a result, you’ll be running to the toilet often; but you’ll also have a glow on your skin, feel a significant strengthening of your immune system, and will be able to enjoy the simple elasticity of your skin. If you want a better choice of water, we suggest Alkaline water as it has many great benefits. However, it’s always best consult your doctor before introducing new things to your body to avoid complications.

Eat Right, At The Right Times, And The Right Portions 

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless food, or restricting yourself of all simple pleasures. It’s about cutting out the harmful as much as possible, and controlling what cannot be cut out. Eating at the right times impact your body and skin as well. For example, eating at least 2 hours before bed promotes lesser bloating and fat gain.

Beauty Requires Proper Sleep

As humans, sleep is essential for our bodies for rest and rejuvenation. Not having enough sleep affects our stress levels, our complexion, causes acne, and most importantly, puts our immune system to risk by weakening it. Adults are advised to sleep for at least 7-9 hours undisturbed during the night time. To achieve this, ensure you eliminate all distractions; be that it’s your phone, your hobbies, your job or even alcohol or caffeine after 3pm.

Protect Yourself From Harsh Natural Elements

Everyone knows sun rays are brutal on your skin in the long run; especially these days, when it seems harsher than ever before. Protecting the skin requires sunscreen, as well as proper attire. In addition to the sun, it’s also best protecting yourself of other natural elements; like the wind. Air pollution is a bigger problem than it was in previous decades…

Now Protect It From The Harm You May Be Doing To It

Stop harming your skin. Do NOT wash your face with soap/face wash more than the necessary twice-a-day. Use mild soap in the morning that doesn’t strip you of all oils. Avoid using makeup every day if possible; if not, do your best to have it on for the minimum amount of time possible. Don’t forget that makeup removers, scrubs and soap strip your skin of all protection; so be mindful of how much of the product you use daily.

Exercise Daily; It’s Time To Stop Making Excuses

Exercising daily keeps your mind fresh, your body strong, flexible and nimble, and your skin glowing healthily. Shouldn’t this alone motivate you to do so? If you’re laden with work and can’t seem to find time for a workout, try to squeeze in at least 15 minutes

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