Tips To Help You Get Dressed In The Shortest Time Every Morning For Work

If you’re constantly late to work because of how long it takes you to get dressed in the morning, it’s high time you did something about it. Not only will it exhaust you early morning, but it will also affect your performance at work as well. Here’s what you can do to reduce the morning chaos of getting dressed.

Sleeping Early Is The Key To Waking Up Early

You already know this, but never comply. As a result of “making use” of the late night hours, you are constantly tired and have to drag yourself out of bed. This exhaustion is further emphasized when you have to dress while still confused with sleep…and then drag yourself to work half-dressed and hungry. Avoid all this by simply taking all necessary steps to ensure you get the required amount of night sleep for your age. This means avoiding coffee and alcohol in the later part of the day, exercising at some point of the day (to exhaust your body), avoiding all electronics in the bedroom, and also bringing work home whenever possible.


Don’t Set Your Alarm Earlier Than You Need To

We’re all guilty of setting the alarm earlier than we need to, then snoozing the alarms until the right time to wake up. This only disturbs your sleep and makes you feel exhausted even before you get out of bed. If you feel unsettled rolling out of the bed as soon as you wake up, wake up 30 minutes earlier, but stay in the bed. Plan your day, reflect on the positive aspects of your life; but avoid checking social media, news or anything that may influence your mood.


Make Sure All Your “Getting Ready Requirements” Are Organized

Regardless of your gender, it’s advisable that you get yourself a makeup table or vanity if you don’t have one. Keep it in an easily accessible place, one with good lighting and ventilation. It’s also important that you keep it well organized with a place for each object, as this eliminates the need to search through drawers in the morning or even waste time untangling wires or looking for the trimmer’s charger. Make sure to keep your everyday essentials separate in an organizer for best results.

Keep Your Outfits And Looks Simple Yet Effective

Clothes mean a great deal when trying to impress or create an impact; so we don’t undermine your need to dress well for work. However, dressing well does not mean dressing complicated. Try to keep your outfits, your makeup, and your hairstyle simple; so that you can effortlessly put it together even on your most harried days. Simple styles and impactful colors make a killer outfit for any workplace.

Make Sure Your Clothes, Files, Shoes, And Keys Are Ready And Easy To Find

If you are of a habit of removing your clothes and shoes while you walk into your home, chances are that they’ll be strewn all over your home until you need it next. This makes it hard for you to find it when you next need it, especially in the case of shoes, wallets or keys. Before you head to bed, sweep through your house, collecting these items¾replacing it in a place you can easily find at any given time. Better yet, do your best to be tidy and avoid scattering your things all over the house, making it cluttered, and creating work for you for later.

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