Tips To Be More Confident And Charismatic Around People

Holding someone’s attention when you’re trying to present something to them is vital in order for you to be successful with your task. While there are many factors that play a part in this, the below tips are the most vital when it comes to holding someone’s attention and ensuring that their focus is entirely on you.

Present Yourself Confidently

Confidence is a thing of beauty; mostly due to how rare genuine self-confidence is nowadays. In order to truly gain the attention of those who you speak to, make sure that you are presenting yourself in a confident manner. If you feel you’re not a very confident person, work on the things that obstruct your self-confidence. In the meantime, remind yourself that even if you cannot be confident, you can still act as though you are!


Speak Calmly And Without Rushing Your Words

One of the biggest betrayers of your nerves and lack of self-confidence is the speed in which you speak. If your words are jumbled and rushed, then not only will your listeners understand that you are not very confident about what you’re talking, but they will also have difficulties understanding what you’re saying. The best solution for this is to try and speak slowly, with the confidence that your words are being heeded to so that people will able to follow what you’re saying.


Work On Your Accent And Vocabulary

If you’re not a native speaker of the language you have to speak in, chances are that your accent may be a little confusing to your listeners of those who are not familiar with you. It’s also possible that your vocabulary may be limited, inevitably hard for you to communicate effectively, or even explain things. Rather making it limit you, take the necessary steps to ensure you work on those shortcomings and rise above their limitations.


Ensure There’s Nothing About You That’s Distracting

To the easily distracted, even simple things like a crooked smile, makeup too flamboyant or even the accessories you decide to wear on for the day can be very distracting. While things like a crooked smile would require you to visit Blackburn Smiles Dental clinic and get a more permanent solution, things like makeup can be toned down just for the day. Likewise, make sure to give yourself a “once over” before heading to a meeting, catching anything remotely distractive.

Make Sure Your Hand Gestures Don’t Give Too Much Away

Most of us have the habit of speak without hands, making dramatic hand gestures. While this is not generally an issue, if your hand gestures are too dramatic, chances are that your audience may be a little distracted by it. try to at least contain the dramatic nature of it. It also pays to remember that your hands speak a language of their own, either showcasing your eagerness, lack of self-confidence or even your impatience. Make sure to pay attention to what your hands are saying, so you don’t end up betraying yourself!



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