Tips For Choosing What To Wear For An Interview

The last thing you need is losing your dream simple because your attire wasn’t appropriate or you had a wardrobe malfunction. Your resume could have all the qualifications, however, if you don’t walk into your interview looking the part, you will not be able to set a good first impression. So here are some valuable tips on how to look interesting enough that make your interviewer keen on getting to know you more.

Dress Better Than The Guy Next To You

‘Dress to impress’ is extremely valuable life advice. When heading to an interview, dress in a way that the people two positions above you dress. This will show that you have drive to move up the ladder. For example, if you are applying for a simple sales-rep job, the dress code might be t-shirt and jeans however, if you show up in a professional shirt, tie and pants, your interviewer will see your determination and potential. However, ensure you don’t go overboard. It could look like you are trying too much and this will not bring you positive remarks.

Dress The Part

It is vital that you know what you are applying for. An interview for a fashion designer and management executive are different. If you are a fashion designer, you need to dress trendy, accessorize and show that you are ahead of the fashion game. In a more corporate-type interview, you will have to dress in formal clothes such as neutral colored pants, shirts, blazers and vintage shoes men. It is said that hiring managers decide if they want to hire you within the first ten seconds. This includes the time from when you walk through the door, greet them and sit down. If you are dressed appropriately, they will realize that you are well put together and is keen on the job.

Stay Up-To-Date

Contemporary organizations appreciate youthful style. If you seem up-to-date with fashion, it shows that you keep track of what is happening around you and takes effort in ensuring you look your best. If you don’t exactly follow fashion trends, simply stay away from clothes that are older than five years. They are most worn out and out of fashion. Also, do not go too casual or too fresh in style. You are going for a job interview not a friends’ day out so they do not want to see nose rings, shorts and sandals.

Stay Comfortable

It is vital that you be comfortable so that you don’t have to keep thinking about how tight your new shoes are while at the interview. It will make you nervous and the employer who is unaware of your situation will think that you are nervous about the interview. This will damage your confidence so make sure your outfit is comfortable. Do not wear new clothes or shoes, wear something that has been tried out before. If you are wearing new stuff, remember to remove the tags to save yourself from the embarrassment.

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