Tips For Buying Gold Jewelry

Gold is equivalent to money. Gold jewelry is not only an opportunity for investment but also an excellent choice of a gift to a loved one on a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding anniversary or celebration of an achievement. There is no gift that speaks volumes of luxury and value than a piece of gold jewelry. However, it comes with an expensive price, so when giving something gold for someone, you want to make sure not only that the person you are buying it for really likes the gift but also can use it properly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing to buy gold jewelry.

Consider The Level Of Purity Of Gold

Gold can be pure or impure according to the amount of other metals that have been mixed in it. Pure gold has 24 karats. But the more mixed it is, the amount of karats per piece would decrease. The higher the karats, the higher its price as well. High karat jewelry would be more expensive and you might be able to get a good price if you go to a pawn shop Melbourne. But they are not always the best for jewelry to be made of. Gold is a very malleable metal.

So the higher the karat and purer it is, the more easily it will bend and get deformed in a piece of jewelry. Therefore, if you chose a piece of jewelry that is for everyday use, it is better to go for something of low karat like ten or twelve karats. But if you choose to buy a big set of jewelry for functions then you can go for a little higher karat value such as eighteen or twenty.

The way they bring down the karat value is by mixing gold with other metals like nickel. Nickel is a common allergy prone substance. So if you are allergic to nickel, go for high karat jewelry like eighteen karats.

Consider The Quality Of Gold

Make sure you purchase the jewelry from a reputed place that is qualified and experienced in selling gold. There are two ways of making gold jewelry; one is gold plated and the other is gold filled or alloys. Gold filled or alloys are preferred over gold plated for many reasons. These do not tarnish or wear out easily. However they might have to be cleaned regularly to keep their luster.

And they are the most valuable next to pure gold of 24 karats. So it is a very good investment choice to own such jewelry. Independent dealers can be cheaper than buying jewelry from reputed companies but the quality of the product is not guaranteed so always get a second opinion.

The price of gold keeps changing, so plan well ahead before purchasing gold jewelry. If bought at the right time you can get good value for your money. Gold jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be yellow gold. It also comes as rose gold, white gold and green gold. So the options are endless.

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