The Ultimate Guide to Being Fashionable

It is every woman’s dream to look stylish and good all the time. Here is your guide to looking fashionable.

Educate Yourself

Just like how you would watch a couple of YouTube videos and do Google search when doing the interior of your house, the same way you will have to do a bit of research when it comes to deciding your clothes. This is because you will have to educate yourself about different patterns and see what looks good on what. For example plain tops look better with printed bottoms and vice versa. You could also take some tips for any of your friends who is in the field of fashion designing. Looking fashionable is an art and one has to be creative to do it right. It is not just about owning the most expensive clothes, it is about styling yourself with whatever you have. There will be times when you go wrong with the style and have a fashion disaster but that is just a part of the learning process.

Be Experimental With Your Looks

No girl will look stylish or fashionable if she repeats the same looks all the time. The golden rule to looking fashionable is to be experimental. Try different styles and go out of your comfort zone also choose the clothes that suit your body type. For example not all girls look good in a skin fitting dress so make sure you choose clothes that complement your overall look. If you are planning on upgrading your wardrobe, check out Betty basics clothing stockists as they have outfits for every occasion.

It Is Not Always About Clothes

A common misconception that many women have is that fashion is just about clothes. This is wrong clothes do play a huge part here but other factors do come into play. Firstly, it is about how you accessorize your look, this can truly make or break your look so choose your accessories wisely. For example a clutch would be more suitable for a dinner date whereas a handbag would look good for a daytime outing such as shopping. Also if you have a simple plain dress then you could make it look glamorous by pairing with a choker or a belt near your waist. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the accessories so feel free to Google and get your options sorted. Secondly, it is about your shoes. Yes shoes play one of the most vital role in your overall look. Most of the people ruin their looks by choosing wrong pairs of shoes, here are few guides for example heels look good for dinner date but you could also pair them with your favourite skinny jeans. Converse are mostly worn for lunch outings but if you are brave you could pair it with your dinner dress too.

Lastly, it is important to groom yourself a bit this is because you aren’t going to look stylish if you have baby hair all over or your skin is looking tired. So make sure you go for your monthly hair and face treatments to look good all the time.

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