The Fascinating Evolution of Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses have been around for as long as most of us can remember. And each dress has been unique to its own era. But how has it changed into the usually white gowns that we are so familiar with today? Here is a small peek through the window that is the intriguing history of wedding dresses:


A Dress Not Just For Weddings

Unlike today, ceremonial dresses were never a onetime only outfit. Brides would often use a dress that they already owned as their wedding gown. The finest and best outfit would be the one they got married in and that is just how it was. No extra money was spent to purchase a glammed up dress. Plus, the dress was not even white (like most brides prefer to where today). Rather it came in any colour, sometimes even black. So if you are interested in these previously traditional gowns that came in an array of colours then see more on the Sydney Bridal Fashion Hub website.

White Is Popularized

The white wedding dress trend only began much later. Most historians trace it back to the grand British wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840, although a few other brides wore white before this. The queen was covered in white from head to toe, and it started one of the biggest trends in the history of wedding dresses. The young Queen broke every rule in the book by wearing a simple white gown on her wedding as it was considered a bland and tasteless colour back in the day. Especially since brighter colours like red or green were considered more suitable for brides. But soon more royals followed suit along with the elite in society making white the most preferred colour for a wedding outfit. Additionally, white material could only be afforded by the rich since it was hard to purchase and preserve, so they (the Europeans at least) ended up using white dresses to show off their economic status.

A Rich History

Marriage in different cultures, regions, religions and eras all meant different things. In ancient Babylon there was a ‘marriage market’ that would line up young women for a man to choose whichever woman he liked. And so the women were decked up in order to look more appealing. In Rome, a marriage was like a very vulgar party and the women were dressed as such for the occasion. In Athens the brides were dressed in a tight girdle that the husband was meant to loosen later on and the gown was a symbol of her losing her virginity. While Chinese brides were all expected to wear the colour red based on a mythical story of a bride who wore red to symbolize a phoenix. However, things are very different today and the wedding dress symbolizes something entirely different. Most often than not brides today want to make sure that they have dresses that are picture perfect. It is all about the photos these days and the dresses represent that.


The meaning and purpose of a wedding dress have certainly been altered through the years. When before weddings in most communities were almost like a business deal. Today they symbolize love and the bringing together of families. 

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