Steps To Plan a Successful Family Reunion

Whether you want to plan a simple union for your immediate relatives or a huge event for all the members of your extended family, there are some steps you need to follow in order to make the whole event a success. Here are some tips or steps you can go through in order to make your planning easier.

Decide a Budget

Since a family union will be a fairly big event you will need to decide on a budget before you set onto plan anything else. You will need to spend money on food and drinks, a venue if you don’t have enough space at your place or any place of your relatives and travelling expenses if the reunion is a trip or a vacation of sorts. Planning a budget early, even a roughly drafted one will help you to set a budget limit so you will not be spending money on unnecessary items. This will also help you to track the contribution of all the members.

A Date

Decide a date for your union as early as possible. This will allow all the family members including you to set the date aside and clear your schedules. Especially if your reunion is a long vacation or a trip, the members of your family will need to know the date/ dates beforehand so that they can finish up their work at office or school and complete all their duties before joining in. It will also give them enough time to prepare for the union. You will also get enough time to plan out the whole thing and make a backup plan too in case something slips up.


Of course if your union is a vacation in a quiet countryside or a cruise you will not have to worry about preparing food. But if it is a fancy meal or a party with all the members of your family, then you need to think of a menu for the event. Consider the needs of all the family members; Are there any vegetarians? Is there anyone who is allergic to certain food items etc. You can divide the drinks and food amongst yourself to prepare or buy. Or you can make things easier by ordering them to your place from a good restaurant such as casuarina Groovetrain where you can order the best food for the event.

Let Everyone Work

Planning a family union is sometimes a hectic thing. One person alone will not be able to complete all the work, especially with all their personal responsibilities such as college or work. The easiest way for this is to divide the responsibilities among the members. Select one person handle the budget, another person to look over the menu, another to book tickets and accommodation if you plan on vacations and another to communicate with all the other family members and invite them. This way, not only the work to be done by one person reduces, but also you can plan the whole event with less stress.

Too much stress will make you get bored or fed up even before you start the event. The best way to avoid this is to follow the above steps carefully and stick to a proper and well-organised plan

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