How to Wear the Boho-Chic Fashion during Cold Weather

Especially during colder seasons, many wonder how they can achieve their preferred boho look. While summer is essentially the perfect time for such attire, how could you possibly cater to your inner sense of style when your one priority is to keep yourself cosy and warm at all costs? Worry not, it’s not as hard as you may think it to be. Our guide will have you seeing to both your need for warmth and an impeccable sense of style in no time.

Re-use your summer clothes

If you’re big on re-using your clothes and don’t see the point on spending more than you have to, this one is tailor made for you. And no, we don’t mean re-using ALL your boho summer clothes. Just the long skirts and dresses will do. To make these outfits worthy of cold weather, pair them with thick tights that will keep you warm (and no one will notice them either!).

Lose the sandals

It goes without saying, your precious sandals will have to take a brief hiatus. Instead consider investing in the equally trendy leather boots. A quintessential bohemian styled product, boots are perfect for colder seasons. You can pair your leather boots with any ensemble and if you’re looking for that added boho factor, fringed boots are must!


Boho girls are known for their ability to accessorize expertly. Having tested just about every combination in the book, you’ll know just what works for you and what doesn’t. This will help you out since in colder conditions, you just have to accessorize as much as possible! Perfect ways to do so would be use of an over-sized scarf as a wrap or even a chunky knit scarf. Another trendy accessory you can use is a crotchet neck warmer. You can never go wrong with these essentials. Finish off your outfit with your choice in Bohemian leather bags – a must have for any fan of this style.

Oversize your outfits

Oversized clothes make for the perfect boho look. Consider slightly oversizing your coats, cardigans and sweaters- even a kimono if this is up your alley- during this period of time. In this case, the chunkier the better.

Layer your clothes

This shouldn’t be too difficult as once again, this involves quite a bit of testing your own likes and dislikes when it comes to this free-spirited style. Layer your outfit with as many thick items as possible- but don’t go over the top. For example, if you’re more of a denim person, pair your denim with a long sleeved tee, a clunky knit sweater semi-tucked and a scarf to match. If you prefer to wear your skirts or dresses out instead, layer it with the thick tights technique we outlined before but add to it by pulling over a clunky cardigan as well. You can even use a sweater if you don’t mind your dress taking on the look of a skirt instead!

These are basic techniques that will have you warm and sporting your favorite fashion style in no time. Be creative, the rest will come easily.

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