How to Start a New Sports Team for Pre-Schoolers

It’s never too early for small children to pick up a sport. Athletics can teach children about teamwork and stimulate their mental and physical development. In preschool or day-care settings, playing sports is a great way to have fun without involving electronics. Most preschool settings offer sporting activities. Teachers and parents, though, may desire to introduce a new sporting event to children.

Starting a new sporting team for little children in a preschool or a day-care setting is not overly complicated. However, there are certain things that should be taken care of in order to get it done right. Here are several tips teachers, parents, or caretakers can heed when establishing a new sporting team for little children:

Choose the Right Sports

Obviously, start by picking a sport the children can partake in. If you are establishing a new team, look for a sport that’s not already offered by school or another institution the children attend. A new sport can bring novelty to children’s lives. There are other concerns here as well. You may want to carefully choose the sport that all children can participate in if they so desire. If the group has children with certain disabilities, the teachers should pick a sport even they can engage in without being left out.

Mind the Safety

Contact sports like rugby and football may not be safe to children to play. Adult caretakers should discuss safety of the sport with others and perhaps parents before choosing the sport. Most sports are safe to children to play, of course. Some minor injuries may occur, which is a part of the learning experience. However, take care not to choose a sport that can be dangerous to children in the particular age group.

Purchase Necessary Equipment and Uniforms

The parents and teachers would have to bear the cost of equipment and uniforms for the team. Even if you forgo uniforms, certain equipment are a must for sports. The caretakers would have to provide balls, nets, or bats necessary for the sports. Then, you would have to buy safety items like helmets. Certain apparel items are necessary for some types of sports, such as the baseball caps or soccer socks. The adults will have to decide how to purchase these items. It’s best to find a wholesale retailer that can offer the items needed in new formal for reasonable prices. Alternatively, the team can look for donations as well.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is not necessary in all settings. But if the team is competing on a formal level or is planning to recruit a large number of players, the owners of the team may want to consider liability insurance. If not for the kids, adult coaches and volunteers may require this coverage.

Parental Feedback

Don’t overlook discussing the sporting team with all parents and getting their support. The parents would want to offer their advice and concerns regarding playtimes, coaching, and aesthetics of things like uniforms. Discuss these things early on with the parents before spending money.

Lastly, the team would need coaches and volunteers. The teachers may be willing to act as the coaches, in which case this step is unnecessary. Other than that, follow the above tips for starting your own little league team at preschool or a day-care centre.


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