How to Save Your Skin, Literally!

Let’s face it, the world is not a perfect place. So it only follows that we are also not perfect. And if anyone was given perfect skin, then it could only be Barbie – the doll, in her latest movie.


Anyway, that being said, all is not lost as the modern world of cosmetic and beauty products do allow us to cover up those flaws and reduce the little imperfections to nothing. The market has a wide variety of skin care online in Australia that helps you – literally, to save your skin.

Normal Skin

If your complexion is balanced and is not overly dry or oily, then you’re pretty lucky because you have what is called normal skin. Occasionally, you may experience dry spells due to external conditions and weather. For this you can use a good, hydrating moisturiser that’s not too harsh. Although not oily, your skin needs to be properly cleaned daily to prevent any build-up or infections. Also, have a proper skin care routine with anti-aging products as normal skin is the type that starts aging first. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so start early. Always test for allergic reactions though and avoid products that change your skin to oily or dry.

Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is easily irritated or inflamed by exposure to anything even slightly strong. It also dries out easily and could get itchy or red. This type of skin requires extra care and needs to be protected from heat and cold. You need to take extra care about the products you use on your skin. Always read the ingredients and check for any allergens. Even make-up, soap or perfume could have certain chemicals that irritate your skin. Avoid products with synthetic fragrance, thick dyes or strong chemicals. The best thing to do is find a gentle brand that suits you, maybe even herbal, and stick to it. Be wary of trying any new products in a hurry. Ty to get a sample first before buying products and do a patch test before buying it for good.

Dry Skin

If your skin feels dry or itchy all year round, especially after washing, this could mean a case of dry skin. Sometimes, no matter how much moisturiser you apply, it still feels dry and flakes out when you scratch with your nail. Dry skin is mainly caused by a lack of oil or sebum production in the skin and is not due to climatic changes like heat or dryness. Make sure to avoid alcohol and sulphate-based products that are naturally drying. Also avoid taking extremely hot baths or steaming as they further dry the skin of its moisture.


Oily Skin

This type of skin is always shiny and oily (obviously). There is always a lot of excess oil on the face, neck, shoulders and back.  Your pores are larger so you can easily get blackheads/ whiteheads on your face. This is because the glands in the skin produce more oil than needed. Luckily for you, the oil reduces the formation of wrinkles. This type is skin is also prone to pimples and acne too. Obviously, you should avoid oil-based products and cleaners as your skin can only absorb very little moisture and the rest of the products will be added as a residue on the skin. Also avoid alcohol-based products that dry out the skin. Be very careful when trying out products that are meant for oily skin as they can dry out your skin making it produce even more oil.

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