How to Look Dazzling in Your Instagram Photos

Your Instagram feed richly deserves some attention and you know it. We all like to have stunning Instagram photos that depict details of our everyday lives well. The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you to look dazzling in your Instagram feed and impress all your followers.

Choose the Right Photos

Make sure you always choose the best photos to be displayed in your feed. Everyone looks bad in photos that are not taken well so don’t worry too much! Pick photos that have the right amount of lighting. Yes there are filters in Instagram that you can use to make your photos look more interesting. But the filters will do only a very little to photos that haven’t been taken in the proper manner. You need to omit photos that are not focused well too.

If you need any help with your photos you can get in touch with a professional. Look for a leading photographer NYC has if you are living in the city and arrange a photo shoot. Take as many photos as you like in different outfits and upload them as and when you go along.

Choose the Right Angle

If you are taking selfies you know the importance of shooting the photo in the right angle. You can make your face look thinner if you choose the correct angle for your shots. Since most photos are equipped with state of the art cameras nowadays you will be able to practice the art of taking photos in the correct angle to your heart’s content. Try to stick to poses that highlight your best features while you are taking selfies as well.

Keep Things Interesting

If your Instagram feed is a monotonous list of photos which alike, not many people will be interested in following you! So try to keep things fresh and interesting at all times. Experiment with different looks and try to take shots that make your followers interested. You can stick to a particular theme if you like but try to make things interesting by going for a variety of shots that are aligned to the central theme. In a ‘sea’ of black and white photos a single coloured photo will effortlessly stand out. Use this tactic to highlight photos that you want to showcase.

Be Bold

Be bold and adventurous when you are portraying your individual style. You need to celebrate your individuality well through each and every photo that you display in your Instagram. Wear bold makeup if you must and wear clothes that portray your unique personality. This will help you to keep your Instagram feed interesting.

Be Honest

You need to love yourself enough to be yourself when you are active on social media. So be honest when you are talking about yourself and stop following the trends blindly that will crush your individuality and style.

Hope the tips above will help you to look dazzling and interesting in your Instagram photos and inspire all your followers to become better and more elegant too!



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