How To Attend Your First Cocktail Party Without Feeling Like A Novice

If you’re attending your very first cocktail party, and don’t want to feel or look like a total novice, the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you.


It’s Not About The Food

Let me tell it to you right now, this party is not about the food. So if you happen to attend it on an empty stomach, not only will you be still hungry at the end of the party (unless you really dig into all that finger food), you might also find yourself easily drunk. Avoid this entirely by having a good dinner before your party. Since it’s mostly about the drinks and the people, no one will expect you to be actively eating. In fact, you need not even drink all that much if you don’t wish to. Just hang on to that wine glass stylishly!

Dress To The Nines

This is one of those occasions that you absolutely won’t regret dressing up for. If you happen to own a pretty evening dress or a sexy and elegant black number, this is the occasion for it. If not, no worries, simply opt for an evening dress hire in Perth (or, of course, whatever your city is), figure out the right makeup and hairdo combo that will make it pop, and go for it! The same can be said for the men. Rock a suit, whether your own or rented. You can opt to keep the tie out if you wish. Remember to groom for the occasion; spritzing yourself lightly with cologne.


Wear The Right Footwear

Footwear is often a problem for most of us when it comes to special occasions. The preferred footwear for an occasion as such would be high heels that will go well with your pretty evening dress. However, if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy wearing heels, you can even consider elegant flats. The important thing to remember is that you’ll be on your feel for most part of the party, so make sure it’s comfortable, and that you have broken it in before the occasion. Painful toes are not fun when you’re trying to relax and sip on wine.

Always Go For The Familiar Wine/Cocktail If You Want To Seem More Confident

Whether you are new to alcohol, or don’t enjoy it particularly, this sort of occasion can be a little intimidating. Don’t let that get in the way. Most cocktail parties have menus; take your time ordering. If that feels weird to you, order a drink you are familiar with. If you don’t want to be stuck with only the familiar, consider doing a little studying on the internet before heading for the party¾familiarizing yourself with the well known cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks served at parties as such.


Mingle With The Guests¾Even If You Don’t Know Anyone

Like we mentioned above, this party is all about the wine and the people. It goes without saying that you’ll have fun if you are with a crowd, or if you are attending a party of friends. However, nothing is stopping you from mingling even if it’s a crowd of total strangers. Just think of yourself as a kid, open up your mind, and step up to say hi…once the ice is broken, conversations will happen naturally.  

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