Fashion Mistakes to Avoid At a Wedding

If you happen to be invited to a wedding, consider yourself lucky because this means that your friends want you to be a part of their big day. However, it is your job to fulfil the duties of a friend and make sure you make this day memorable for your friend instead of arriving at the wedding wearing something outrageous that is going to make the couple or the other guests uncomfortable. Here are a few fashion mistakes to avoid at a wedding.

Trying To Outdo the Bride

Now this is a definite NO-NO when it comes to weddings! It does not matter how close you are to the bride or whether you’ve been saving up this dress for your best friend or sister’s wedding, if it happens to be way over the top, then you must not wear it to the wedding at any cost. Do not make the mistake of arriving at a wedding wearing a bright dress with over the top makeup because you do not want to ruin the bride’s big day by attracting all the attention. Let her be the centre of attention and enjoy her day instead of trying to make it all about you and wearing something that will make you stand out more than the bride!

Not Sticking To the Theme

Long gone are the days when weddings were all about wearing pastel dresses with simple hats whilst the bride arrived looking like a vision in white! Nowadays, the brides are all about experimenting and trying out new themes for their weddings. Long gone are the days when flowers, candles, and ribbons happened to be the only articles of decoration at the venue. So, make sure you move on from the past and dress according to the theme that has been decided regardless of whether you like it or not. If the theme demands you to wear a funny costume or a funky jumpsuit, YOU DO IT! Don’t be a spoilsport by arriving at the venue in your pastel lace dress and ruin the fun of the theme. You can easily find jumpsuits by searching online for evening jumpsuits and playsuits in Australia for a wedding.

Choosing an Outrageous Outfit

Now the term outrageous outfit could mean a number of different things. The first rule is to avoid wearing either all black or all white because white is meant for the bride and you do not want to wear the something that makes it look like you’re trying to steal the bride’s thunder. Secondly, avoid wearing all black because generally that is the colour chosen for funerals and you do not want to be looming around like a black cloud during this happy occasion. Apart from this, you must avoid wearing something too revealing or an outfit that large patterns in bright colours as this can make you look out of place and not fit for the occasion.

The next time you happen to be invited to a wedding, make sure you keep these tips in mind as they will help you pick out the right outfit and help you avoid making any choices that will make you seem like a fashion disaster!

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