False Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Finding different methods of hair removal has not been a new thing. Moreover, finding a suitable method to get satisfying results has never been an easy task for most of us, but it’s definitely worth going above and beyond to get that high- end finish. While being on the journey to get hands-on the effective methods of hair removal it’s not anything new to hear some Dos and Don’ts on new methods.

One of the most famous talked about hair removal methods holding its place on Dos and Don’ts is none other than the Laser removal method. Either way it’s always best to get your questions and doubts cleared up so that the next time you make a decision it won’t be a fuss!

Are you ready to take notes? here are some facts about Laser hair removal to clear your doubts.

Different Skin Types Give Out Different Results?

Talking about beauty, Skin color has always been on top of the list for ages so it not surprising. Many skincare consultants point out that the main question many have offered is whether Laser hair removal works on darker skin. Although it has been a problem at the beginning of days, with the new advanced technology of icon later that’s no longer a problem. After all, with the introduction to many different machines, it’s just a choice of the machine to suit the skin.

The Laser Beam Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Another major reason which might be holding you back from Laser hair removal treatment could be the belief that it increases the risk of cancer. But the truth is that the Laser makes use of heat radiation to destroy the hair follicles which does not sip through deep into the skin and affect health.

Although different types of Lasers are being used to treat different skin and hair types, it is known only to make use of harmless radiation plus the application only being focused on the skin does not cause cancer.

Laser Hair Removal Is Painful

Are you worried about your pain tolerance? well, don’t worry as the Laser hair removal technique guaranty relatively less pain compared to pain experienced during waxing or threading sessions. With the intensity of the pain changing from one client to another, it is generally reviewed as being bearable giving out a tingly feeling.

Laser Hair Removal Gives Only Temporary Results

The truth is that Laser hair removal gives permanent results; this is because not like other hair removal methods Laser hair removal makes use of heat radiation to damage the hair follicle so that at each stage the hair growth is reduced. So, do you think you are ready to begin your laser hair removal journey? Places like Pro medic Laser hair removal are ready to guide you on this journey.

Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

What do you think? the truth is that having a Laser hair removal saves more money and time compared to the weekly and monthly visits to waxing sessions of the money spent on hair removal creams which a generally made up of harmful chemicals that could irritate the skin.

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