4 Tips For Selecting Natural Cosmetics That Are Good For Your Skin

Many individuals choose to live a clean, healthy, and natural lifestyle now more than ever. On the other hand, skin products and other beauty care cosmetics can be just as unsafe to your health and well-being as the food you consume. Beauty care products for both men and women have possibly harmful or toxic chemicals. If you are worried about the substances being immersed through your skin, learn how to buy chemical-free cosmetics through this simple guide on how to pick the best natural products.

Shopping At Health Stores

Most of the local supermarkets have very few products that are natural so you must consider that when shopping for cosmetics or any product that is being manufactured naturally. Some of the larger department stores and superstores have separate sections dedicated to chemical free products. You can also order ones that you don’t find in physical stores through online stores which usually have a vast variety of products on offer. Make sure that you read the labels and ingredients thoroughly before buying even if you are at a chemical-free section or health store.

Become Familiar With Safe Brands

There are many brands that offer natural cosmetics, organic earth natural skincare, and many other chemical-free products for those who want to lead a life free of toxins. When you start looking out for brands that are natural, you will be more conscious of the brands that promote healthy and natural products. Some popular brands that are chemical-free worldwide are Hugo Naturals, Burt’s Bees and Aubrey Organics.

Identifying Chemical-Free Cosmetics

Some of the popular cosmetic brands usually remove any toxic or harmful ingredients and label them prominently. These products are typically phthalate-free, sulfate free and also paraben-free to name a few ingredients. Always make it a habit to double check the ingredients to ensure that no other chemicals have been added instead of the ones already known of.

Avoid Certain Ingredients

You may not be able to remember every chemical name and also it may be difficult to avoid products that are completely free of any harmful ingredients. Keep a list of ingredients that you must always avoid at all times. If you are just starting out, there are certain keywords that will help you keep away from chemical-induced products. For example, if you are buying a hand sanitizer, check for products that are 60% ethanol or alcohol but avoid ingredient triclosan on the label. Moreover, avoid SPF sunscreens that have SPF over 50 or with insect repellent. Usually it is best to keep away from aerosols or powders when it comes to sunscreen. Sunscreens with zinc or titanium dioxide are better suited if you want it to be less harmful to your skin. Overall it is best to keep your cosmetic usage at a minimum as the fewer cosmetics you use on your body, the lesser chemicals you will be introducing to your body. Only use the products that are absolutely necessary and essential to you. Make a list of these items that you can live without and completely stop buying them if you want to live a natural and chemical-free lifestyle.

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